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There's no reason to close anything anytime. The dirt and trees were there long before DNR and will be there long after DNR. It will be fine all by itself. If they need to cut funding then cut the guys job who locks gates before he does. As a matter of fact to make some money cut down the gate and sell it for scrap metal!

Some of the best land I have visited in the USA was land unregulated. No signs, no outhouses, no garbage service, no ranger patrols. It was just land. No need to waste all this money on officials to regulate the land to death! Like now! They are out of money and say they will have to lock the gate. BS. Eliminate the position before the gate gets locked, the land will be fine without them. They are afraid to let that happen though, they will never get their jobs back when they realize the only thing they are needed for is to lock and unlock a gate. BS. Sell the gate.
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