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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
I would say the same thing except that the money they give is used not only to support hikers but to exclude ALL other users from the forest. REI is selling its soul to the devil in the name of profit and they know it. I used to shop at REI and even had one of their special little member cards. No longer will they recieve a single dime of my money until they stop supporting anti everyone but us groups. If they were truly interested in doing good things for the enviroment as they claim then they coulf find better ways to do it.
I know you think that REI is the debbil, but my point was that they are supporting what they believe is not all about profit...they are actually a great company. Giving back to the community, great place to work, responsible manufacturing processes, green building practices, etc.

It would be really great if some of the companies in the offroad industry were willing to offer similar support...I guess they are too worried about making money. Imagine what could be accomplished with that level of support.

It just sucks for us, that REI is in a position to donate...the employees actually decide where the money goes. The process works like this:

REI employees nominate organizations, projects, and programs in which they are personally involved to receive funding or gear donations. During 2008, REI granted $3.7 million to more than 395 of our community partners. For more information, click here.
Read up on how REI Gives. I have actually thought about nominating PNW4WDA for a grant, but we all know that this org does not fit the profile they are looking for
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