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Your missing my point. There is nothing wrong with supporting your "customers" the point is the money is directly or indirectly used to keep everyone on else out of the woods. All you have to do is read a little of WTAs and Jonathan Guzzos retoric to understand that they wont be happy until all motorized use is eraticated from OUR forests. As far as asking them for a grant good luck. I went down that road before asking for help building bridges to protect streams (after all they claim to want to protect the enviroment) I was told flat out no that they only support "muscle" powered sports. To bad since so many of us camp hunt and hike as well not to mention all the folks I know with mountain bikes. REI is loosing a huge chunk of the market simply due to the fact that they cant see beyound WTA and what its doing with the money it gets from them. As a employee of REI your in a prime position to help them see whats really going on and show them that ALL the forests users can be responsible users and that we ALL should have access to OUR forests. I can only hope your working in that direction with them
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