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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
As a employee of REI your in a prime position to help them see whats really going on and show them that ALL the forests users can be responsible users and that we ALL should have access to OUR forests. I can only hope your working in that direction with them
You should have heard the conversation I recently had with a Senior VP @ REI...he was asking me about my interests & what brought me to REI. My reply caught him off guard at first, but we actually had a decent conversation. Apparently he has a cabin in Mazama & spends lots of time over there in the winter...his favorite activity is snow camping. They load up a sled with camping goodies, hitch it up to their snowmobile & plow deep out into the woods. He said he likes how it lets him get lots of heavy gear out into the woods for some beautiful snow camping.

REI is going to donate to whom they choose...let's quit knocking them for that & try to beat them at their own game.

Why can't we get a higher level of participation from companies in the offroad industry? I am new to this so I am curious to hear what has happened in the past? I know you & the PNW4WDA have a long let's hear it
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