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Originally Posted by Merrick Graves View Post
Warn has a year to year contract. It defines what we do for them and in turn what they do for us. Warns is likely to change when it renews.

ARB is currently not under such a contract.

The auto (jeep) dealerships are also not under any such contract.

I do know all of the auto suppliers mentioned are in a bigtime hurt. Currently it is very difficult to get donations of any kind from them.

BFG donated $3500 to the PNW4WDA for continueing work towards the betterment of the Naches Pass Trail. This years work on that trail will be reimbursed (by PNW4WDA)for money spent.

All of these company's budget for their promo's/events in either late Oct. or early Nov. After then they do have some ability to react to some additions and donations. All of the company's mentioned have event/donation planners and as such there is a method to address them. Generally speaking you need to meet their criteria to get donations. What will their benifit be? Size does matter.
Great info Merrick. So if I am reading correctly...only BFG has kicked down a chunk of money to benefit the efforts to keep trails open?
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