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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
Great info Merrick. So if I am reading correctly...only BFG has kicked down a chunk of money to benefit the efforts to keep trails open?
Not entirely true. From the efforts of those who support the Trail Jamboree we have raised and donated $20,000 back into the community. We (the Jamboree) has also accounted for many, many hours of time the FS has used to gain grants and funding.

Warn, ARB, Roberts Motors, Auto Nation, to name a few all helped with those endeavors. So to speak some of that found it's way into the trail system. We(the Jamboree) have also educated a lot of wheelers with the continued efforts of our sponsors.

Although not money directly on the ground the effort by them has an effect.

Please note that I have not accounted for the money raised going back into the PNW4WDA. For instance 30% of our profit goes into the scholarship fund. Other monies are utilized for money on the ground.

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