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I also think that if you look at vendors such as Yukon, SkyJacker, the tire complanies etc....very few really have grant programs. Maybe it is something that can be suggested to them in writing.

I can tell you that a lot of the 4x4 companies that were listed in the SEMA book in 2007 are no longer in business. Money is fairly tight and not being spent on rigs at the moment and those companies have felt the pinch.

I do know from my letter writing campaigns for Creek and Trail as well as Winter Convention that donations are down significantly since 2005. I used to get anywhere up to 120-150 good raffle prizes since then it has been T shirts, hats and frisbees.

The BOD is also looking at ways to promote sponsorship that would entail selling advertising in TriPower, the website and the Trailer as well as donations to PNW that can be used for Trail Jam and Winter Convention. Hopefully we can get this solidified at the Sept meeting.

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