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Default FINISHED PRODUCT - Dole Valley Wetland Restoration Project

FINISHED PRODUCT - Dole Valley Wetland Restoration Project

Updated: July 18, 2009

Darel, Rick, Kira and I took a quick run out in the Jeep to take a look at how the Dole Valley Wetland Restoration Project was progressing.

We were very pleased to see that almost all of the "sticks" that we planted on March 1st, 2009 were sprouting leaves and that the area was well on it's way to recovery.

While we were there, we noticed some Tanzy (noxious weeds) just starting to infiltrate the area -- so Darel & Rick took some time to pull up all of them that they could find. They pulled them up by the root and left them to die a slow death on the hot rocks near the road.

Overall, we were very happy with the success of this project and I would like to thank all of the club members and guests who worked on this endeavor. This project started in the Spring of 2008 when some irresponsible wheelers slogged down a dead end trail and devastated this delicate wetland area - squarely placing yet another black eye on the sport of 4-Wheeling. Both vegetation and wildlife were severely impacted by this trespass.

As you can see by the following pictures - with some help from Dan Friesz (DNR Biologist) and some hardworking members and guests of Pistons Wild Motorsports - this project was well worth the effort and has been a great learning opportunity for those of us involved.

I believe it has given each of us a stronger and more confident voice as we work to educate those who would destroy the resources we have each personally worked so hard to protect.

BEFORE #1 (August 2008 - no Spring 2008 pic avail)

CLEAN-UP #1 (August 2008)

REPLANT #1 (March 2009)

FINAL #1 (July 2009)

BEFORE #2 (Spring 2008)

CLEAN-UP #2 (August 2008)

REPLANT #2 (March 2009)

FINAL #2 (July 2009)
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