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The Cline Buttes area is located in the Deschutes County 4-Wheelers area and we have been actively involved in this project since its inception. In fact, Randy Drake has been fighting the BLM over incremental closures for decades. These incremental closures have caused us to refer to the area as “Cline Flats” rather than “Cline Buttes”.

We have had numerous site visits with the BLM, COHVOPS and State Parks. Several of our club members were also members of the BLM working group in the initial development of this plan.

This area was analyzed during the development of the Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan and was designated as a motorized recreation area. It has proceeded to site specific development with this Cline Buttes Recreation Area Plan.

As is typical of the BLM, much of the "designated motorized recreation area" is slated for closure to motorized vehicles and is planned to be developed for hiking, horses and bicycles. They have heard our objections every step of the way.

We are not hopeful that an acceptable plan will come out of this. This plan has taken the BLM three years to write, several hundred thousands of dollars of OHV funds and numerous BLM staff changes to complete. They have been difficult to work with, at one point we had to file a Freedom of Information Act form to get info. During a site visit with the BLM, we reviewed about a half dozen possible play areas and trail features connected by several miles of trails of various difficulty levels. At the end of the meeting, the BLM member looked at us and said, “Now pick just one.” This area is over 32,000 acres and he wanted to give us one rock pile!

The sound of our objections could be heard throughout the state!! We have heard rumor that they may have reinstated some of our trails proposals back into the plan, but we shall see.

When we get our copy of the EA, our land use committee will review it and post a list of talking points for people to use in their responses. We will post these talking points here. As the local, actively involved users group, we would appreciate your assistance on this issue.
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