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Default Eastern Washington Off Road Meet & Greet (Aug 1st, 2009)

Eastern Washington Off Road -
Meet & Greet Hosted by the All Wheelers Off Road Club
August 1st, 2009

On August 1st 2009 we had a meet and greet at Ceg's in Selah Washington.
The hot weather kept many from coming but we did have some that came and had a good time.
Here are a few pictures I took during the day.

Test Dummy the first to go play on the RTI Ramp.

Kicker's turn

Test Dummy out back playing on the logs.

DirtyBill's turn on the ramp.

Colemancooler's turn.

DirtyBill back for more fun on the ramp.

This was a very fun event thanks to all that came.
Clay Graham

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