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The rotor hung around for about an hour twenty. Made a trip about in 8 minutes and would hover while refilling in about 2 minutes. Was very cool to watch. The days high temps were not up there yet but the cool 100mph mist was welcomed. The rotor was dropping his load on Huckleberry Mtn. out of our sight. I understand it was not a big fire.

We were in the area to insure there were no campfires. We also did some trail maint. and further we were there to advise users of the hikers in the area. We had just about zero use in the area. The anti's were not present during our patrol's. There was only a couple 4x4's that came thru and I only saw 4 motorcycle/atv's. On our trip out Sunday afternoon we stopped and talked to a whole bunch of berry pickers. The Hucklebrries and Gooseberries are out bigtime this year.

We can guess that the heat, fire ban, forest fires, economics and Seafair kept many home. Although on the past weekends I have been on duty there has been little use in the forest. The crowds are down this year.
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