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Making the Old Guy set chokers....... Slackers

Pretty sure this is where Mikey asked "Needs some help Old Man".

HA! we beat PSE in standing around watching others work!

Pokey (in black hat) and his posse could not make it due to prior engagements

Rather that raise the log we decided to lower the ground..... Seriously, a little anti flop roll, roll, roll, guard down creek bed.

After some intense investigation and based on our better judgement we deemed the Skill Area open to the public. Here is MikeyB. showing us how to do it backwards.

Jason giving Jakob a little boost over the "Egg".

I dunno, a little more flex would be helpful......

Richard is never happy unless he sustains some sort of Body Damage.....

Me ....I know my limitations. Signal and go around.

We got all the work done that DNR had for us to do and more. Did some trash clean up and some brushing also. It is pretty apparent that we wheelers are really going to have to pick up the ball and maintain "our" trails. All in all it was a great day. Thanks to all that came out.
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We all know in the beginning God created the earth and the Heavens. On the second day God created man and Jeep. Man had too much fun so God created woman. Man hasn't had near as much fun since.

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