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Default Numinak's Willys CJ5

Hey guys. Still new to the forum, but hoping to start attending events once I get my jeep in full running condition. And while I wait, might as well share a few pictures of it.

It's a 1956 Willys CJ5 Jeep, that's had a bit of work done to it. I'm still learning about what it all has, and most of the work was done (poorly) by the previous owner. I've used up most of my free cash fixing errors he made, and I'm almost ready, once I figure out what the problem is with the wiring (which I'm pretty lousy at, apparently).

Tires at 33 x 12.5, 3 inch lift (I think). I think the axles are Dana30s with drum brakes all around. Just had new mufflers installed (though I might have to get them reworked, since I'm not really happy with them being to the outside of the frame like they are.)
Has a transplanted Chevy 350 engine in it, and a 3 speed transmission with 2/4 select and hi/low select levers on it ( no idea what brand).

I'm new to jeeps, so as I learn more, I can post more detailed info!
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