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Default Ahtanum State Forest update

Just received this from Ken McNamee and passing it on.
Sande Nettnin, Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer

Hi Folks:

I suppose you have all heard that the ASF is now open. There is still a partial road closure – from MF Ahtanum (A2000) at Tree Phones going over the top of Darlin Mt. and on the NF Ahtanum (A1000) to just above Snow Cabins Campground. Both Tree Phones and Snow Cabin Campgrounds are open for the weekend. But remember next week Snow Cabins CG will be close because of a bridge replacement on the NF road.

An additional heads-up for the weekend of August 22 & 23, there is a high likelihood that there will be heavy truck traffic on MF road on the weekend to help make up for lost time because of the road closure from the Discovery Fire.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated on the situation.

Pray for no more fires in the ASF for many years to come…….

Have a great weekend,

Ken McNamee

Alpine District Manager

SE Region


509-899-2883 (cell)
Sande Nettnin
PNW4WDA Secretary
Region 4 Secretary/Treasurer
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