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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
And in one more conclusion: we will be passing a wilderness bill in the next few years, and, for my part, this ignorant fear-mongering only lessens my willingness to work with those who will oppose it. Itís hard to think about sitting down and making meaningful compromises with people who publicly incite their followers to hatred and possible violence. Should I be worried? As an environmentalist, should I start wearing a bulletproof vest to attend county commission meetings?

Sorry to say it but you can only push people so far before...

That's why I think we should use non violent and legal but extremly damaging tactics against the green extreme. For instance:
1. Do not recycle!
2. Do not use recycled products!
3. Leave the water run while brushing your teeth!
4. Water your lawn twice as much as needed!
5. Fertilize your lawn twice as much as neded!
6. Change the oil in all your vehicles at 1500 miles, twice as much as recomended!
7. Drive your car full throttle as much as possible to burn as much gas as possible!
8. Use CO2 to fill your tires and run air tools instead of compressed air!
9. Run lower tire presure to burn more gas!
10. Vote against all Senators and congressman in office for a 100% change in goverment every election for the next 12 years!
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