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So far most of the info I found on the net was to remove the rear drive line but they don't say why other than someone told them too.

Some others are saying to just put it in 2WD high and tranny in N.

Another said, "T-case in N, with the Tranny in 2nd gear, sounds weird but this keeps the intermediate shaft from spinning on a dry bearing, tranny in neutral will work for short trips".

One of our members flat towed his Samurai with the rear drive line on for year and never had a problem. Maybe he was lucky? I don't know what gears he had it in if any.

I just want to make sure I don't cause damage to the tranny or t-case. I took out a NP242 on one of my XJs and I was told it was due to me flat towing neutral & neutral. Since then I flat tow my XJ in "Park" with the T-case in "neutral". No problems since I started doing that.

I really do not want to pull the drive line if I don't have to. I have some back problems that makes this a pain to do or this would not be a big deal. To bad my trailer is down.
Clay Graham

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