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Default PNW4WDA Forum Flyer contest

PNW4WDA Forum Flyer contest

We are looking for ways to get more people to use the PNW4WDA Forum so we are having a "Flyer contest". This should be thought of as a fun thing, not anything more. Once the contest closes, we will post up a poll to vote on the best flyer. The best flyer would become the ad in the Tri-power and could be printed off to put in 4 Wheel Drive businesses.

This is 100% FREE to do. There is no cost to enter. This is for fun.
What do you get? You get satisfaction of knowing your flyer will be used to promote the PNW4WDA forum.

Flyers need to be made as a picture so they can be posted on the forum. No off site links or pdf files.

Flyer can have pictures of what ever as long as they are G Rated.

All flyer entries need to be posted on this thread no later than September 30th, 2009.

If there are more than 10 flyers submitted then we will have more than one poll. The poll order is what is posted first to last. The top flyers from those polls will be added to a final poll.

Rules maybe added later if we run into any problems.
Clay Graham

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