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My letter has been sent, acknowledging the work that Klamath had done proactively to map trails and get them recorded in their area.

Patti, I am grateful that you came up with talking points on the subject. However, I really am sorry that you have chosen to include in your posting the editorial and pointing a finger at Tom Harris and his views. He has been at this a long time and has been successful in working with a wide range of land mangers and their personalities. Just because he does not espouse your way of accomplishing a goal does not make him wrong. It means he has another viewpoint and a way of going about solving a problem and it should be respected every bit as your own. The Harris's no longer belong to PNW4WDA and do not visit this website to provide their take on your use of the article. I wish that you could delete the article as a part of your posting. Your post stood alone without it and it has opened up old wounds for folks that have stopped being active members of the region because of the level of acrimony between certain members of the region and the Harris's. Myself included.

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