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Beth, I am sorry that you feel this way. You are correct that the Harris’ no longer belong to the PNW, but have in fact joined the California association. They are no longer members of the local Klamath Four Runners, nor are they members of Region 6. I do not know if they belong to any local quad or motorcycle club.

However, I do not feel that settling for nothing with the empty promise of trails “in the future” is an acceptable response. The Freemont-Winema has known for several years that Travel Management was going to happen and they chose to do nothing, chose to close everything and chose to put off until sometime in the future their responsibility of providing trails.

Mr. Harris states that, “To its credit the U.S. Forest Service has taken extra time with the Scoping Document to identify where we are at this time, how we got here and propose what we can do to identify, qualify and quantify sustainable access to our chosen recreational disciplines.” They have spent four years on the “where we are and how we got here.” He also states that “opportunities to evaluate user-created or new routes and acquisition of easements will be considered in Phase II.” However, the whole purpose of Travel Management for these past four years was to identify, qualify and quantify as well as evaluate user-created and new routes!! It is simply unacceptable that this key part of Travel Management is being put on the back burner.

Mr. Harris also states that the, “MVUM is the vehicle for the start of Phase II.” In reality, the MVUM is supposed to be the result of what they call Phase II.

Like Art said, “We need to ask for class II ‘TRAILS’. All we have been getting from USFS so far is roads that you can drive down in your vette or porsche. If that is what you want for recreation (a gravel driveway) more power to you, don't bother to work for your sport. But when you have nowhere to run, I don't want to hear about it.”

We, as the PNW, have spent years encouraging the Forest Service to work with the local users’ groups to get input, insight, and information. It is these users’ groups that will be key in maintaining and sustaining the trails. I find it to be an outrage that someone would allude to represent the local clubs, yet would publish a lengthy opinion in the local paper that is in direct contradiction to the opinions of these clubs. Mr. Harris did not contact the Klamath Four Runners or the Deschutes 4-Wheelers for input, insight or information, nor is he a member of these local 4x4 clubs. Yet he published an opinion in a public paper for all to see that could significantly hinder any chances of getting trails.

If Mr. Harris did not want people to see his views he would not have published them. I therefore do not want to remove his article from my post. The people who visit this sight can read both opinions and make up their own minds.
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