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Sorry, but Tom did not allude to any affiliation with the Four Runners or PNW4WDA. He is belongs to clubs that do frequent the area that are not PNW4WDA members. All I am saying, is that I do not see where he is not advocating for the class II system, I don't see that anything he has said is against what we are fighting for. If you will recall, he was one of the first to advocate that we do GPS trails and submit them to our land managers. He has also advocated that we as a 4x4 community need to stand with other user groups to make head way with state and federal managers. Again, it is not the way you believe something should be done and you are allowed to have your opinion about that. It would have been enough to just state the fact as you have frequently that not all share your belief on how to get things done. I however, still think it was a cheap shot at someone who is well respected and been at this a long time.

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