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I spoke with Mr. Weatherall at Winema Fremont late yesterday afternoon to discuss some of these issues. Specifically regarding lost maps and the work done by the Four Runners. He stated that for some reason at the Klamath Basin meeting the erroneous information regarding those trail maps was given. The work that the Four Runners is there and included on the MVUM at this time.

Mr. Weatheral did state that level I road closures were universal across the US as per the Closed Unless Posted Open Policy. I would suppose that if a level I road was posted open then it should still be open. i don't live down there, so I really don't know if that is true or not. He then stated that they will have approx 6600 mi of open road, 5000 of which is deemed high clearance. He did acknowledge that even with the designation of high clearance that you could probably still drive your Honda down it. He did state that the Four Runners have identified areas that could be used for the moderate to experienced 4x4 driver. He was also very quick to remind me that at this time there are only 8.5mi of OHV trail and that is still the case on the current map when you look at it. He also pointed out that the call for opinions and the letter writing campaigns during this phase are important and when trails can be added to the process. Mr. Weatherall also felt that by the time they were finished with the TMP that were likely to have the most miles of open road in the PNW when compared to other forests. Again, it will be up to those who want trails to advocate for them.

Mr. Weatherall seemed approachable when I talked to him and did not seem opposed to comments and concerns from the 4x4 community. My suggestion would be to call either Mr. Weatherall or Mr. Westlund and then follow up that conversation with a letter or email.

And no, I did not engage in any type of negotiating of trails....the local club can do that per the policy of region 6 as stated. I just wanted clarification of some of the comments in this thread from the forest service and sharing that conversation.

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