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Thank you, Beth for that information. We, too, received word yesterday that the Fremont-Winema FS were again in discussions with the local ATV club as well as the Klamath Four Runners. Due to the letters and phone calls from the local users - including motorcycle, quad and 4x4 - the FS is also aware that Mr. Harris is not representing these user groups. Apparently the ATV club had the same response to the editorial that our clubs did. We also learned that the maps and gps files had been “found.”

It has been said that it is ok to disagree. That is exactly what KFR and DC4W did. Had we not, we would still be sitting here with nothing and no chance to change that. Moral of the story: DO NOT take “no” for an answer when it comes to the Forest Service designating trails. Like Beth said, it is up to those who want trails to advocate for them.

The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. IT’S ABOUT TRAILS. If we ask for nothing, that is exactly what we will get. If we continue to kiss up to the land managers, they will continue to promise us the world, give us nothing and close everything.
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