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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
This is a very good topic about info not getting out. We are looking for better ways to do some things since times have changed. In your opinion how can the PNW4WDA get the info out better?

Thanks and welcome to the forum!
That's a deep question and I'm no one to tell you how to run your board. It's just a observation on my part that a new person has to dig deep for what little info is here....I'm speaking mostly about the competition side of things. There are lots of links here for legal matters and trails type info I think or maybe it's just that I'm more familliar with that stuff so it seems more complete...
As far as the competition thing is concerned I guess you first have to know if you even want to attract new people, that's up to you veterans. If you do maybe a link to a page explaining the different events and some of the specifics about the events. The tech/ rules page needs LOTS of work. I've competed in many aspects of racing 4wd and different organizations with different rules but I can barely make heads or tails or your tech requirements. To make matters worse when you show up for tech and don't have a typical comp rig there's much confusion from the guys doing the tech. They're probably not used to seeing different types rigs either.
Once you get past all of this there's much fun to be had that makes it all worth while.