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Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
Most of the racers put a few people in the seat. Allot of the time it's hard to get good pictures at these events. Then you have to take the time to load and post them.

I'm not sure we suck as the thread title stated. I am sure we are not a bunch of computer geeks that spend a whole lot of time doing that type of thing.
When it comes to promoting an event or wrenching for one, I suspect that most of us are better at one than the other.

Hopefully in time the other gets more attention..
So why doesn't someone appoint a person to post these events on the local forums...maybe find a young computer savvy whipper-snapper to make this happen?

If the goal is to have more folks show up, then this sounds reasonable. The current methods of email/word of mouth/snail mail seem to be working for some, BUT there is a whole untapped market of "computer geeks" that would love to come out and throw down with ya'll :super:

I'm just sayin'
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