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Originally Posted by JUST JACK View Post
If you donít request any trails then why would they give you any. It sounds like here in Klamath we made enough noise that Fremont Winema made some last minute changes to their maps. Marvin from the ATV club here in town, called me Friday to let me know that he sat down with the Fremont Winema and used their computers to put there ATV and our 4X4 trails on their maps...
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS is in order for the Klamath Four Runners!!! Like Beth referred to, it is the policy of Region 6 to let the local club set the priorities and direction for negotiations with land managers. This is exactly how things are supposed to work. It is the local users who can most effectively state what needs to happen to serve their local community and we as supporting PNW members need to back them up. After all, it is the local club who has to live with the outcome. This policy also eliminates the possibility of conflicting messages being sent to the land managers.

We thank the Klamath Four Runners land use committee for their work with the Forest Service and look forward to supporting you throughout the TMP. Please keep all of us informed as to how we can help. Good Job!!!
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