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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
So why doesn't someone appoint a person to post these events on the local forums...maybe find a young computer savvy whipper-snapper to make this happen?

If the goal is to have more folks show up, then this sounds reasonable. The current methods of email/word of mouth/snail mail seem to be working for some, BUT there is a whole untapped market of "computer geeks" that would love to come out and throw down with ya'll :super:

I'm just sayin'

I hear you and I do have some input on this subject as I have put allot of thought into this an discussed it with others.
This forum is for upcoming events and not really this type of discussion.

Would you mind starting a thread in the members section or in Campfire chat.

Ah heck with it. We can leave it here for now and move it later if it becomes appropriate.

Here's how I see it after my short time racing jeeps.
Strattoline is a great venue and a good spectator venue. Most of the folks do not like racing there as it is a rockpit and the management has been difficult to deal with. Some of the events like the sprints and relays are really fun to watch from the grandstands.
While we are looking for other venues and have tried others, (Longview Fair Grounds) . Insurance and other concerns make it increasingly difficult.

So the question as I see it is why don't we do a better job of promoting this fun and exciting sport?

Let me use our club as an example Overbored Racing.
We are a small club, it takes allot of folks to do a good job of putting on a race. Who comes to the races now? Family, friends and some PNW members.

Let's say we had 100 non members spectators come to our event this weekend at Ethel. We charged them $5 bucks a head. That would be great and the club would make a few bucks after the property owner got his take.
But it would take security.
It would take someone to park them.
It would be a saftey concern making sure people were free of the track and in an area where they could enjoy the racing.
So for 100 people and somewhere around $300 bucks we take on quite abit of liability and crowd control.

Another concern is this. All of us leave our motorhomes an trailers unlocked for the entire weekend. At any one time I have a $600 carb and well let's just say someone could pop in and walk off with my laptop that sits on the table very easily while we are out racing.
(provided they got past the attack dogs)

So there is that element of security in having no spectators or having very little.
Does this stop that kid from coming out and wanting to race because he sees what we do and wants to do it also? Maybe. It does seem abit sad that there is not more promotion of our sport. But would you say that the liability for spectators is worth it. Sure in my opinion it would be great to promote the sport. Rob Stafford has been great at that and we do have many new racers in the last couple years (including side by sides) because of it.
It's a tough subject and one that has allot of depth to it.
This is only one element, of this discussion. I'll leave my comments there for now and can expound on other aspects later.

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