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As Our second annual race event as Overbored Racing, We are enjoying picking up where Our other club left off and making the Labor Day weekend race event one of memories for the generations to look back on.
If you don't have plans yet for the weekend, and would like to check out what us PNW4WDA racers do for fun, I would like to invite you down for some fun. OK, many of us have designated race rigs, some even have more horse power than we can use, but every one of us is there for the fun and enjoyment of it. How many people can go to work and admit they put there children, be it 8,10, 12, or 16+ year olds in there 200-700 horse power race rigs, and confessed that there biggest worry was that your kids might better you own time on any given course.
I thought that as a young boy, I had had an experiance of a lifetime, when I got to race MY dad's jeep, back in the '70s only to find out later that the real experiance of a lifetime was to pass that same experiance on to our boys......
The PNW4WDA is about the passion for 4 wheeling , off roading and being outdoors , If you don't have plans for this Labor Day weekend, and would like to see how many PNW4WDA members express there passion for OUR sport and hobby, come on down and check out a PNW4WDA hosted race event.
Thanks, and hope to see you there.......
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