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Originally Posted by marty tilford View Post
I talked to Ron McDonald our Tri Power Editor today. He is looking for articles to publish. From club runs, work partys, races or anything. He is also looking for front cover photos. If anyone has pictures he would be very greatful. Cover page photos need to be high resolution, landscape will work but portrait fits better. You can email him at
I just e-mailed him this since this was brought up at the last R4 meeting:
I was told I should send you my event reports and you can use the ones you want. I put all these on our club web site and on most of the NW forums. I know you wanted it a certain way for the Pick Up A Mountain report. What format do you need?

Here is the list of pass reports:

Most are mainly pictures with a few words telling the story. If you will want my reports, you can remove most of the pics to make the story.

Thanks, Clay
I think he wanted it in word last time but I can't remember. He ended up copying the pics for PUAM of the net. Maybe that is why they were so small?

On another note: I think the paper is a waste of funds that could go toward education in other ways. The on line Tri Power better. It has color pics and I do most my reading on line. Not that I read much of it because it is mainly the same thing over and over. I am not sure what educational value the Tri Power has other than telling you about meetings. It should be more of how you can do your part to save the trails and how to wheel safely. This education should be not focused toward mainly PNW4WDA members. The PNW4WDA could send out a monthly e-mail (FREE) to the on-line subscribers who want to read it. The subscribers should not have to be members to get the e-mail either since the PNW4WDA has an education non-profit status.
Clay Graham

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