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Originally Posted by Binder View Post
Are you suggesting requireing people to be in a PNW club in order to qualify to participate in racing?
not at all but if a club would take them under their wing and guide them. Personally i feel that there is much more to being in a club than trying to arrange things on your own. The PNW is a great organization if the people make it that way, it takes all of us working together, clubs and individuals. I just think that it is easier to start into the sport if you can follow someone else and learn the ropes instead of having the ropes thrown at you in a rats nest.

I was actually disappointed at your first statement in this thread, you are just as much at fault as anyone else for not asking that the events be on the PNW main page... As the new VP of the Webfooters, I am incharge of the playday in the spring. I am going to start working with Ed to get things on the main page early, eventhough all/most of the PNW members know that ours is the first one...

Also, in regards to the "we suck" statement, there is a phone... that is how people found out information before the internet. Pick it up and call someone who is higher in the PNW... it works trust me...



No hurt feelings here...