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Originally Posted by jim putman View Post
Mark, The "we suck" was a humorous Attempt to bring to light a real problem that exists here. It was taken from a quote on another site also aimed at bringing up a problem here. I am sorry if it offended you in any way but it was meant to draw attention in a humorus way and I believe it opened a dialog to expose a problem that exists and hopefully we will all do better because of it.
Exactly how I saw it

Originally Posted by hagells View Post
For ourselves, the only way we ever heard about the PNW and it's racing, events, etc was through a member. I think right now word of mouth is, in general all we have. I would love to see more families become involved in the PNW as I think it is a wonderful family association. You can make wonderful new friends and have fun doing all kinds of things with them..
I think this is an excellent example of how the interweb can help grow membership & participation...provided that is the end goal. It seems that some folks like the fact that events are small & easier to manage.

If you truly want to spread the word, then word of mouth is not going to cut it...a simple post on the event calendar with a contact number/email should go a long ways.
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