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Wenas Wildlife Area Exploring Run - Part II
September 13th, 2009

On September 13th, 2009 after the Jeeping Nomads 4x4 Swap meet in Yakima I came home to a hot house. I talked the wife into going for a drive in the 99 XJ that has air conditioning.
We headed out toward the end of the North Wenas Rd. to find the Green Dot road I missed the day before.

We found the entrance near the end of the pavement.

There was no big yellow sign like the other area.

On up around the bend there was a gate.

Working our way up the ridge we found this sign facing the way we just came from.

Up on top of the Umtanum Ridge we could see the Manastash Ridge Observatory.

Zoom in view.

Looking at the road ahead.

The view to the right, Cleman Mountain.

On up the road we found the top of Black Canyon. To bad the road did not still go through.

Up near Kelley Hollow Rd. we came up to the back side of a "No unauthorized vehicles" sign.

We were on the Green Dot road so the sign must have been for an old road across the brush.

We headed on. We dropped down Durr Rd. to the Sheep Company entrance and then headed home.

This was a fun trip. I would like to see this area with snow on it. It would be very challenging.

A special thanks to JayW and SuperGlock for the info on the road I could not find on the first day out.
Clay Graham

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