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OK I'd like to ad to my post.

The people doing the Tripower are doing a great job, thank you!

But with thousands of members in three states there is just no interest in sending in articles. Passing out a boring paper to inform the public and gain more members is not going to work. Instead I think you are doing the opposite.

How many members are there in the PNW4WDA?

Here is a estimate of how the dues are spent.
$11.25 Tripower
$ 8.92 Travel
$ 4.27 Insurance
$ 3.41 Office expenses
$ 2.01 Scholarships and Awards
$ 1.57 Business expenses
$ 1.30 Land/Legislative funds
$ 1.24 Ways & Means
$ 1.03 Equipment
$35.00 Total

I'm sorry but $11.25 of each and every member is just a huge expense with I believe no return for the money we spend.

We could consolidate that into a yearly paper. Then it would be edited to very important information on what we did, won, prevented, improved for the year. Then add entertaining information and pictures of events around the region. Then you would be doing the PNW4WDA good.

We could also have a much smaller educational packet for all members/clubs to pass out year round. Most of which could be taken from a yearly Tripower edition along with Trail Etiquette accomplishments of strength in numbers. Your right we can't do that with just a website, but when outsiders get the educational material they can always find more on the website. For those who don't use the web or think it's not important ? God Bless America! But it's a way of life now and not going to change.

With the money left over we could file as many lawsuits as the Green Extreme.
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