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Originally Posted by EagleMark View Post
Sorry if you feel that way, just pointing out a different point of view.

But we know it has to be the only accepted point of veiw...

Speaking of antagonist that avatar is mine. Not yours to change. Mind you own business!

I'm not going to let any of you antagonize me into these ridicules arguments anymore. If you want to keep pissing people off go ahead. I am going back to my original old personality not affected by master manipulators and great instagators... I fell for this years ago and started doing it again. My bad...

Woo Hoo! Going wheelin tomorrow.

Any of you guys do that?
Mark, this forum is not about one person.
There is entirely to much drama surrounding you. You did not head my warning. This forum is about more than just you.
Take 3 days off and think about it. Come back with an attitude and it will be perma.

This thread has run it's course.
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