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Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
There was some discussion at the state meeting on the 17th. The atv committee is thinking of doing something along these lines, but it is very early in the thought process. Feeling was to keep us in class II and move the side by side quads to a new class. I would like to see a 55 inch min. width, 1500 lb min. weight and 4 wheel drive as the specs for what would remain in class II, and move everything else to anothr class. I was originally thinking "class IV for 4x4's", kind of like the old "channel 4 for 4 wheelers" cb thing Your pictured rig and the specs given would fall directly in that framework.
Sounds reasonable. I have heard Arlene talk about ORV tab fees helping to fund the majority of 4x4 projects. Do the different classes in Oregon fund only specific types of trails...or is it all added to the same account & used for the benefit of all offroad trails/facilities?
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