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Originally Posted by raspberry View Post
Got this from Dave McMains this morning and posting it for him. Also posting under Region 4 Sande

This is Anne Carter from . The reason I am emailing you because there is a meeting planned in Ephrata on Sept. 30th that your 4x4 group might be interested in attending regarding the future of the Moses Lake and Beverly ORV areas:

Grant County Commissioners to hold Open Public Meeting to take public comment on the State ORV Funding Cuts

Ephrata The Grant County Board of County Commissioners will hold an Open Public Meeting on September 30, 2009 at 10:00 am in the Grant County Commissioners Hearing Room, Courthouse, Ephrata, WA take public comment on the managing and operation of the Moses Lake and Beverly Sand Dunes due to Grant County losing $200,000 in state funding over the next two years. The budget cuts are a result of the WA State Legislature redirecting the Nonhighway and Off-road Vehicle Activities (NOVA) to WA State Parks. This is nearly 10 million dollars of gas tax and ORV license tab money gone, leaving nothing for off-road vehicle recreation for at least the next two years.

Any interested persons may appear regarding these matters.

I thought I would let you know of this in case you or your group members are interested in being there.

I hope to see you there!
Not they they won't but they should not be able to mess with Beverly since it is ran but the DNR. It should be up to the DNR if they want to close it. At this time the DNR had put a seasonal closer on Beverly because of there lost of NOVA funds.
Clay Graham

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