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I will admit, I really haven't tried to get one started. I have looked for existing clubs, but there none that wheel responsibly around here. What I have here is young, stupid kids just out of or still in High school that don't give a rip about responsibly wheeling.

I refuse to hang out with a group like that. It's tough enough to overcome the stereotype....

Once I get some ink for my printer, I am going to make up some fliers. My Neighbor up the road (awesome guy, also runs his own repair shop) has two Jeeps, a TJ and an XJ, so He may be willing to join in the fun. I also have a few other friends here that like to go out (toyota, Nissan, and a mazda) and wheel responsibly, so if I can get a hold of them, at least my foot is in the door, so to speak.
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