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Originally Posted by beyatch View Post
so, I sent this link onto a friend who is in a group of about 15 or so rigs, they have a club and I have asked them many times why they do not join the PNW. He tried to sign up at this forum and this is what he received:

> "Unfortunately your registration at Pacific Northwest Four
> Wheel Drive Association did not meet our membership
> requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted.
> Sorry,
> Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association"

Wow, good luck ever getting them onboard.

I am left wondering what our membership requirements for a login are and who determines this on this forum?
I determine who gets thru for the most part.
Folks are required to answer a few questions. If the do not they do not get thru.

We get approx. 30 spammers a day.
Each one of them has to be reviewed and clicked thru. I wont even go into some of the names they use.
But they are from all over the world, and judging by some of their names their intent is less than honorable.

I can always be PM'd if there is any trouble getting someone thru who is a friend or referred by someone already here.

Members can have the confidence that folks here are legit and real, and not some porn spammer from some Island Nation somewhere.

Edit: The message you see is automatically generated when accounts are deleted.
The questions asked are simple questions designed to make sure folks are who they say they are, and are interested in four wheeling.
Some inappropriate names are not allowed thru, there has been very few of those.
When I get back from a weekend of wheeling and there is a 100 names to go thru a name like Boatycall may get deleted along with the rest of the things that sound like porn spam.
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