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Originally Posted by dirk View Post
I ran into Merrick out on the trail this weekend...we were coming back from Funny/Moon Rocks & ran into him at the Tripod Flats Trail intersection. We had a nice little chat & he seemed to really be enjoying himself. It was kinda fun to roll up on a Forest Service Jeep & see his smiling mug behind the wheel

Was also good to meet you. This summer with the new job has been a kick for me. I have met many a new friend. It also works well for me to have roots with many of the users. It seems that about out of every 5 groups that I have contact with someone knows me. That makes the job even more pleasureable.

I will be in touch as I am going to start putting together a plan for next season. With the loss of NOVA funds the FS will need much cooperation and coordination to help preserve the wheeling oppurnities we now enjoy.
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