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During the hearing yesterday, Peter Metcalf speaks on behalf of the Outdoor Industry Association in support of HR 1925. Mentions some of the member companies, one being Cabela's. Afterward, several OHV users contact Cabela's and voice their concerns. A rep from Cabela's (David Draper) responds by posting on Pirate. This is one of his posts...

"I have been in contact with Frank Hugelmeyer, President and CEO of the Outdoor Industry Association, who has assured me the OIA has not taken a position on H.R. 1925. He has provided me with a statement, which I’ve posted below.

Again, I want to assure you Peter Metcalf does not speak for Cabela’s and it’s unfortunate he claimed to do so in his testimony yesterday. Cabela’s does not support H.R. 1925, or any legislation aimed at eliminating or restricting access to public lands.

I appreciate those who have reached out to help educate me about the issues you are facing and discuss ways in which Cabela’s can help promote and protect access for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

David Draper
Cabela’s Inc.

OIA Statement on H.R. 1925

The Outdoor Industry Association Board of Directors has not taken a position on H.R. 1925 America's Red Rock Wilderness Act nor does it plan to take a position. The recent testimony of Peter Metcalf were his own statements and not OIA board approved.

OIA supports the full spectrum of recreational activities on public lands and represents the broad interests of its many outdoor manufacturer and retail members in the public policy arena.

The OIA public policy agenda is focused on ensuring a fair and proper treatment of the outdoor industry's innovative products as they move through the supply chain to retail and on pursuing increased investment for public lands and close-to-home recreation infrastructure.

Frank Hugelmeyer
President and CEO
Outdoor Industry Association "
Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters
Land Use Coordinator

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