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Default Welcome Everybody

As you can see the PNW Forum has taken on a new look. This look will change over the coming weeks and months as we have the time to invest in it's improvements. This is your forum and we want to hear your input.
For starters we will soon change the look on the main page to feature our PNW logo. We would like to change the blue background to green to reflect the PNW colors.
This Camp Fire Chat forum is where we discuss these things and all others.
As always we would ask that you keep your discussion here respectful and friendly as you would around any campfire.
The new software you see here is something some of you are already familiar with. It's features are far advanced from the previous forum software from both a user and Administrative standpoint.
Forums will be added to cover the wide range of topics we are all interested in as time progresses.

Please sit back, grab yourself a beverage and warm yourself by the fire.

Would someone light the darn thing?

Dan Rheaume
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