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Hello ! Yep all is well on Bedrock Lane. Thanks for the concerns. But my 10 minute commute to work went to 2 hours or more!
I have never seen so many Official people before and have seen many WSP cars that I wouldn't have thought were them in the last couple of days that I care to see again. Many damaged or flooded homes.
As of 10pm tonite to Nile Road which opened for a short time today is closed until 3:30pm Wed for repair and river diversion. It is said to be after that its a local access only for a few days using ID to enter. I understand the Gov signed a proclimation today for distaster funds.
Its gonna be a LONG time before the road is normal. Right now the Nile Road will become SR410 for a undetermined amount of time (2 years?) the county signed over the Nile Road to the state today from what we got in our 5pm daily info mtg.
Speculation and things change daily so when you get to come this way, please be patient to residents and overly kind to the businesses! Hunting Season will not be the same for them this year. Thats where the scruffy beard come in on Frank......I think or was it cuz we had no power??

Its snowing and raining currently - more issues to come I'm sure.
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