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That is correct and the comment period ends November 23, 2009. This EIS is for implementation of the Travel Management Rule (prohibiting cross-country travel) as well as the Motorized Access for Dispersed Camping. It DOES NOT pertain to the Proposed Lava Rock OHV System, the Proposed Ochoco Summit OHV System or the Proposed Three Trails OHV System which are all addressed in separate NEPA documents. This EIS is currently available online, however, hard copies are not yet available.

Basically, this TMP EIS designates all Level II and higher roads and closes all Level I roads. Alternative 1 is the “No Action” alternative, Alternative 2 designates the roads and establishes motorized access for dispersed camping and Alternative 3 is similar to Alternative 2 but prohibits camping in designated roadless areas.

Our recommendation will be for Alternative 2 with specific changes. We are currently evaluating several of the Level 1 roads which we would like to see remain available for travel and will post specific talking points and road recommendations upon completion of our review.
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