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Thank you for posting for Beth. I saw her online here yesterday, so I just assumed that if she was online that she could post. I am not a computer genius so I donít know exactly how that works.

I agree wholeheartedly with you that a system of regional land use contacts like Arlene has developed in Washington would be extremely beneficial in Oregon. It is unfortunate that this has not happened with the leadership over the past twenty years.

Within just the past year since Randy Drake has been the land use coordinator for Region 6, he has been able to develop a network similar to Arlene's that covers most of the region. He is currently working with several clubs in the area pertaining to the Willamette. I asked who Bethís contact was not because we had no contacts but because we wanted to also include whoever she may have been working with.

As you know, Randy is running for the office of Oregon State Executive Director. Under his leadership, hopefully the rest of Oregon can be organized similar to the way Washington and Region 6 have been organized. With the Travel Management deadline fast approaching, this type of leadership and organization is becoming more and more critical.
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