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This is Dave, Beth's other half. There are 3 of us that look at this website under the bjeepin3 login. It is set on the favorites for immediate login. Frankie and I like looking at the pictures mostly. Beth also logs in at work at times and lets some of her younger patients that are bored look at the site, they also seem to enjoy it.

So, if you see her logged in it is not always her. I have never felt like posting here before and after reading several of these threads, I really hope she does not run for the Oregon Director position. It is thankless and as near as I can tell the back biting is uncalled for. I know that lately, she has not wanted to write the letters for the management plans for fear of stepping on toes with in region 6. If your opinion does not match that of whoever has appointed themselves as the end all be all of land matters within the region, then you are leaving yourself open for attack and what seems like banishment from the fold.

Generally, I leave Beth to fight her own battles and she can hold her own if it is important to her. I know she really liked doing this but her enthusiasm for it has lessened. I leave the politics of 4 wheeling to her. She did ask to get a system going like in Washington. The only people that gave her reports were Art and Tom. It has only been since several of the long time members stopped going to the region meeting that this "wonderful new" system has been created in region 6 to deal with land matters on such an aggressive basis. In the 10 years we have been members, There were always land reports in the minutes, there were always requests to write letters. Since the region land person Randy Drake seems to have set this up within region 6, you should know who has been assigned to follow the management plan for the Willamette or any other forest in Region 6, so why did you feel the need to ask the question? The clubs would be Strawberry Hill and Oregon Trails in this area. Has Randy roped any of them into this wonderful land matters system?

Anyways, she will be back from Chicago next week and I will let her deal with this then. Hope the conference call went well.

Beth Ayer
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