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I have taken quite a bit of time thinking about this. I am very confused as to the animosity of a few concerning the land use process currently being employed within Region 6.

Art stated:
“While it would be nice to have a system like Arlene has in WA, the last 7 or 8 Directors have gotten no help in setting it up and making it work. This has gone on since at least my first stint as Director back in the mid 80's. The people on the ground need to make it happen.”

He also stated:
“ALL state directors for the past 20+ years have tried to do something along those lines to no avail. The rank and file is/was not interested, they would just as soon see someone else do it.”

These past decades have seen us doing the same old thing, the same old way, with the same old people getting the same old results: ZERO trails. We finally decided to do things just a little different in Deschutes County 4-Wheelers. Doing something different, a different way with different people and got different results. We ended up signing our first 21 miles of trail. Then we found ourselves building another trail system with the Forest Service from scratch. Next we see the Forest Service in the NEPA process for three more brand new trail systems in Central Oregon totally over 100 miles. Something was working.

So Randy decided to expand to the region level. He got many people excited and involved. He armed them with new ideas, new data and new approaches. We now have a couple dozen people actively involved in the Travel Management process on several forests and have at least six different clubs engaged to actively pursue trails. This has resulted in an additional 1700 miles of Level 1 roads and/or new trails to be available to Class II within the region. That is not a typographical error - 1700 miles!! And that is just in four forests. Think what could happen throughout the state if this starts to snowball?? None of these miles would have been designated if we had stuck to the old way of doing things. Does this make us the “end all be all” of land matters? No, but it sure makes for a “wonderful new system”.

I guess I would have assumed that others would be excited that someone “on the ground” is making things happen, that the rank and file was finally interested. Instead, we are insulted and old animosities are continually brought up. The old way doesn’t work. Times have changed. Simply requesting people to write letters and sending generic emails is no longer an acceptable land use plan. We needed a new way with new people yielding new results.

At no time in the past number of years have we had so many clubs so actively engaged, so many people willing to step up to the plate and soooo many miles of trails being designated. I would have assumed that you would be shouting praises from the mountaintops and joining the bandwagon instead of throwing insults.

So I would ask those who may “disagree” with the “wonderful new way” to please stop the bitterness against us, stop fighting against us and instead celebrate with us, join us, build with us. Let the old ways go and embrace the new because we are going to need all the help we can get to build all these new trail systems.

Back to the original thread, again. We need documentation from anybody anywhere who has had any contact with the Willamette - letters, emails, maps, meetings, town halls, phone calls, whatever. They are claiming that they have heard from nobody. Please contact Randy if you have anything.
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