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Originally Posted by poorboy_616 View Post
One of my travel mugs fits perfectly between the seat and the E-brake handle when it is released.
Mine fits perfectly there too but the dog steps on it and knocks it over and coffee gone.

Originally Posted by CJ3BWILLYS View Post
Drink the coffee, hang up the phone, put your make-up on, and read the map BEFORE you start to drive.

There I said it! Actually I usually just drive around with one hand until something comes up, then I do a "hand off", to my trusty co-pilot.
Yeah Yeah Yeah but I don't have power steering yet, can not drive one handed, Shoot I Currently dislike wheeling with someone who like to Yap allot on the CB while we wheel cause I can't talk on the CB and hold the steering wheel..... ((( Have to install power steering))))

Originally Posted by gunrunner View Post
The screw lid costco cups fit most holders, and when the holder fails to hold they don't leak or pop open. We bought some in a two pack last year and have been very pleased.
I'm gonna have to do just that search for a better cup
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