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Default High Hopes for all our futures

Alan, all of us in Region 6 who have stuck together like bad glue and said no, this is not acceptable to the USFS and the BLM and kept knocking on doors have aimed high. You and Umpqua Valley Timber Cruisers included!

Larry East, Reid Sherman, Steve Roach, Julie Thompson, Paul Clark and all of the Region 6 fellows at Klamath have been a great reminder of how communication and documentation and pure honest hard work can make a difference. They have joined with the Oregon Hunters Association and their local class I and class III friends to effectively add (keep) 1500 miles of "trails" to/on their maps.

Region 6's backyard in Deschutes County is becoming a little more promising. We are spread so thin from McKenzie to Crescent we think we’re “Twiggy” and hopes of 1000 more miles loom in our head.

But Region 6 uses The Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association as its back; bringing to the attention of the agencies, “we are not a few but, three states full of 4-wheel drive vehicles and we come to wheel.”

I encourage all of us to do as Alan said and aim high. Do not waiver in your endeavors.

There are many areas still in the running and we all need to respond to these agencies. Be specific and ask for Class II trails of a challenging nature. The environmental groups respond well and we do not. When an agency says they received no input we should all be ashamed. My prayer is for everyone in Region 6 and the entire PNW to arm themselves with pencil and paper and write, write, write.

2010 is nearing and I hate hearing, “we didn’t hear from class II.”

Respectfully submitted, Mona
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