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Long ago when I was very young, a friend of mine had a chicken farm. One of his favorite sayings was “never count the chickens at night”. For months I wondered what this meant. Finally one day I asked him why. We were within ear shot of his father and the little boy answered me that no matter how carefully he closed the door the night before the fox always got in and carried off some of the chickens by morning. I looked at the big doors and they looked mighty and strong and I could not imagine a fox getting through them. His father turned and seeing me frowning soooo said, “You need not worry he always leaves more than he takes”.

In reality the old chicken farmer arose each morning about two hours ahead of his little egg gathers and due to nature and perhaps a fox or skunk some chickens had perished during the night and due to the carnivorous nature of the other chickens the first job was to remove the dead ones from the chicken pen. His second job was to dispatch any chickens not laying or not looking so well for the soup pot which he sold to the surrounding stores and neighbors. The fox was an easy way to say to his young’ns that some of the chickens had gone to heaven and it kept each child mindful of keeping the doors locked up tight.

The moral of this story is simple however; don’t count your chickens till the morning daylight that way one can see how many he really truly has.
There is another story that comes to mind it was originally Chicken Licken later known as Chicken Little. Perhaps some should take the time to read it. Depending on the version and whom you are the moral changes from book to book and from person to person. In one the Chicken jumps to a conclusion and whips the populace into Mass Hysteria and the fox uses this to manipulate them for his own benefit; mainly his dinner pot. The other moral and the one I believe in is the happy version which teaches us a lesson. This lesson is not to be a Chicken, but to have courage and take the time to truly figure out what hit you on the head, where it really came from and adjust. Above all do not believe everything you are told by a hysterical Chicken with no guts.

We here in Region 6 have spent hours, days, weeks months and now years with Chicken Licken. There is no way to understand her Hysteria but at least she is no longer leading us to a foxy loxy dinner pot. However if you continue to sit on your hands and allow untruths to flow from your lips perhaps you can stir up a few henny penny, goosey loosies etc to follow you to the lands of no trails.

Neither I nor any of us will follow you down this path. As we are carefully laying our fire pits and oiling up our pans for our own dinner party. We will be joining hundreds of Motorized users on new trails that will be designated 4X4 trails in the next few years. It matters so little if these trails number 17 miles or 3300 miles; there will be more then than there is today.

Yes we are at war with the anti-access groups. They have a pledge; which is to remove all motorized vehicles (mechanized machines) from public lands, period. Approximately 97 percent of all Americans accessing public lands do not believe in this goal. This is the simple thing we are trying to stop. The majority of Americans want the right to access public lands in a motorized vehicle for what ever reason. It is simple; you can join us or sit on your hands; it is your choice. If you are sitting on your hands please remain silent as that is the message the rest of the world hears, your silence. Add your vehicles to foxy loxy dinner pot as it has no value.

One day the smoke and dust will clear and as in any war some will win and others will loose. I will not sit on my hands or my past deeds; as my dream is for our great great grand children’s children to drive my jeep on the trails made by the people of Region 6 and other PNW clubs long after my bones are dust. Our strength is in numbers and we need each and every one of you to help us to achieve the above goal. It is a worthy one and it will help us to become one strong adversary that stands toe to toe against the anti-access groups.

* Wikipedia: Depending on the version of the story the moral changes, in the "happy ending" version, the moral is not to be a "Chicken", but to have courage. In other versions the moral is usually interpreted to mean "do not believe everything you are told". In the latter case, it could well be a cautionary political tale: The Chicken jumps to a conclusion and whips the populace into mass hysteria, which the unscrupulous fox uses to manipulate them for his own benefit, sometimes as supper.

Respectfully submitted: Randy Drake
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