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ok so the other day i started to take the front bumper off to build a winch bumper, nothing special just something to hold the winch. basicly all i got done was taking the bumper off and cutting the fangs, and i cut some of the material for the new one.

i had today off so i was hoping to get all/most of it done BUT as i wa making a cardboard template for my bumper mount i noticed something on the side of my radiator. it looks like there was a hole in the side of it and they stuck a good sized bolt into it and then tried JB weld. i touched it and it started leaking SO now i have a new radiator on order. > not happy.

after that i didnt even feel like working on it anymore but i made myself do it anyways and got one of the mounts cut out.

this shows how much further the mount will go back on the "frame" than the stock one. the driver side will incorporate the steering box bolts and i will add more on the passenger side also.

here is the center section of the bumper (not finished)

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