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plan was to put the 2" budget boost on today, i got the rear shackles on and it basicly just leveled the jeep out. so i decided not to add the front till i get new leaf springs for the rear. i also trimmed the rear quarter panels.

lastnight i pulled the jeep into the shop and started cleaning the engine bay. A/C didnt even have anything in the lines so i started ripping it out, cruise control didnt work so its gone.

yup theres a fender

yup thats the back

first cut

i did the cut and fold on the rear wheel well so i had to bend some of it back out

couple more cuts

inside piece folded up

used a BFH, jack, and a chunk of firewood to fold it up nice and tight

i seen another guy use pop rivets but just used self tapping screws

old shackle and new rustys shackle

i was kinda leary about doing this because of the fuel lines on the drivers side. they were never in the way, i pulled the cover off, cut and folded the fender, and was able to bend the one side of the cover and bolt it back on.

didnt realize i didnt have a pick of it with the tires back on, ill get one tomorrow.
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